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Travel Diary : Meghalaya

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Created in 1971, this state is the home for Khasia, Janita and Garo tribes people. The hill station of Shillong is the state capital wile Cherrapunji, 58 km away, was until recently said to be the wettest place on earth, with an average annual rainfall of 1150 cm, nearly 40 feet! In one year 26.46 rain fell. Nearby Mawsynaram recently took the title from Cherrapunji.

It's no wonder Meghalaya means Adobe of Clouds.Other palce of inteest around the state include Jakeram with its hot springs, Kayallng Rock at Mairang, Mawjymbin Cave at Mawsynram and Umiam Lake.

Going Around


The capital of the state of Meghalaya, known as the Scotland of the East - Shillong is a pretty hill town with lakes, grassy downs, pine scented hillsides, English cottages and a fine golf course.,This pleasant hill station, standing at 1496 meters, is renowned for its climate and breathtaking views. The state museum covers the flora, fauna, culture and anthropology of the state. The town has number of parks and gardens.

The town has a number a number of parks and gardens. The Crinoline Waterfalls and near Lady Hydary Paerk and there are various other waterfalls around Shillong. The town takes its name from the 1960 meter high Shillong Peak, from where there are fine views, its almost 10 km from the center.

Getting There

A good road runs the 100 km from Guwahati in Assam to Shillong, You can also take a chopper ride which will take about 30 minutes from Shillong helipad to Guwahati Airport. From Guwahati you can take buses which is run frequently and also can take sharing taxi to reach Shillong.

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